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Autumn vibes: Ultimate beef stew

For me, there is nothing like low-slow beef stew in the Autumn season, when it is rainy and dark outside. The feeling when you come back home hungry, cold and tired, and the entire home smells like some warm food... I usually make this dish when I have some time, since the entire process can take a few hours.

For a stew feeding 2 hungry humans I used:

· 400 g beef

· 250 g champignons (brown or white)

· 2 onions

· 1 teaspoon ghee

· 2 bay leaves

· 1 stock cube

· 100 ml red vine (optional)

· 2 carrots

· Greens - dill, parsley, spring onion(optional)

For the garnish

· 500 gr potatoes

· Greens (optional)

For the sauce

· 4 tablespoons greek yogurt or sourcream

· 1 tablespoon dijon mustard

· 6 tablespoons shredded tomatoes or 2 spoons of tomatopaste

1. I would suggest to start by cutting ingredients. First, I cut the beef into stripes. Then I cut the mushrooms, carrots, onion.

2. I prefer using a cast-iron pot for such stews. I warm the pan beforehand to the highest heat. Add a teaspoon of ghee butter (or any type of frying oil), add the already sliced beef and let it fry to get liquids out.

3. Once liquids are released I add roughly chopped onion and reduce the heat, add a stock cube, bay leaves and some water. If you use the vine, now is the time to add it. Leave it simmer for at least 30 mins. Keep an eye on the liquid level, if needed – add a bit more.

4. Once it simmered a bit, I add carrots – this time, I also found a small piece of frozen rosemary, added to the main pot as well.

5. I fry mushrooms in a different pan on high heat in the meantime. Once fried I add mushrooms to the main pot, add some water if needed.

6. I just mix the sauce ingredients– yogurt, mustard, shredded tomatoes, but tomato paste works even better, this time I didn’t have any. And add to the pot.

7. Let all of this combined is simmer on low heat if needed add some water.

8. At the end I add greens just before serving.

9. In the meantime I just boil some potatoes for serving on the side.


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